An At-Home Camp Option for

Creative Kids and Teens!


Registration begins June 1 for Merced's Virtual Creativity Camp-in-a-Box, a series of educational sessions for arts, writing, music and creativity lessons to take place at home!

Relevant Info in Exciting Bullet Form:

-Registration opens JUNE 1st: Email to get an email registration once it opens up, or check back here on June 1st for registration link!

-Videos drop JULY 1st for perusal/organization purposes, with a recommended start date of July 6th. That said: buy and start ANY TIME! 

-Boxes drop by JUNE 30th. Boxes are created in batches of 25, so tell your friends and family: the faster the boxes are purchased, the faster they get to your door!

-Cost is $140 for four series' of ten videos each in Visual Art, Music and Performance, Poetry, and Tips for Encouraging Unstructured Creative Play, plus a box of materials, a list of items to start collecting at home, some scheduling ideas for easy facilitation, and more! Additional boxes are $40 each.

What Classes Are Coming, Exactly?

Well, let me tell you...

Unstructured Play with Naomi Sukenik (for ages 5-12) Naomi, of Play Adventures, is a pro at getting students to open up their minds and spin their wheels with unstructured play in a supervised, supportive environment. Get her July IDEA Box and a series of tips for Parenting Through Play! 

Arts for Everyone with Sofia Prado (for ages 6-16) Sofia Prado is originally from Mexico where colors, traditions and art of the country inspired her to start creating. Sofia works with polymer clay, embroidery and recycled paper. Her work is bright, bold, and usually represents animals and nature. Sofia teaches art for the MAC in Merced and is a member of the Arbor Gallery. Her lessons include recycled paper birds, colorful felt flowers, homemade puffy paint and much more!

The Young Poet with Dawn Trook (for ages 8-18) Dawn is an instructor at Merced College and UC Merced, teaching creative writing and reveling in the unique brilliance of each of her students. She will bring a series of poetry prompts and challenges straight to your living room, while planning a potential future project using everyone's summer poetry!

Find Your Music with Noelle Chandler (for ages 8-18) Miss Noelle serves at the Arts Education Coordinator with Merced County Office of Education and is a founding member of Phoenix Creative Collective. A performer herself, Noelle is ready to help your child read music, write verses, choose melodies and perform songs on their own with limited instrumentation and plenty of confidence







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