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Spring Rundown: Art Smattering from January through May

As 2020 creeps closer and closer, a few truths are making themselves more and more clear.

1. Miss Noelle, you are bad at updating your blog. (Yes. Correct. Sorry.)

2. Miss Noelle, you need a single place to store all the links for every upcoming project, so you can send people to a single page for a wealth of information. (If only I had, like, a blog...)

So without further ado, here they are!

Merced County Office of Education

Craft in your classroom and let your students represent at CISC 2020 in Monterey in February!

Build a classroom set of straw-and-paper flowers to join hundreds of others at a visual arts installation for this annual statewide symposium!

Deadline: February 1

Join dozens of other students in grades 3-8 for MCOE's first county-wide Broadway Show Choir at the Yosemite Education Center!

Learn simple choreography, music theory, vocal technique and performance etiquette from Miss Noelle herself, as well as some amazing musicians and assistants!

Deadline: January 21

Performance: May 8

Share your perspective on the arts in Merced and help shape the future of education in the Central Valley!

Specifically built for classroom teachers, administrators, school site employees and parents at public schools, lend your voice to MCOE's strategic arts education plan!

Deadline: January 21

Classroom teachers ONLY: share your vision!

Classroom teachers voices needed! As the boots on the ground in education, please share your vision about the future of arts in Merced County schools.

Deadline: January 21

Students and Teachers Recognizing Unique Talent: come out and STRUT your stuff!

Apply on behalf of a student, or nominate yourself: a county-wide talent show is in the works and we need YOU!

Auditions: January 24

Performance: May 15

Phoenix Creative Collective

"Bugsy Malone, Jr." with the MAC and the Phoenix Creative Collective

Digital audition form for "Bugsy Malone, Jr." as produced by the MAC and Phoenix Creative Collective, for ages 8-12.

Auditions: January 18

Performances: April 24-26

Phoenix Creative Collective and Central Valley Youth Legal Services present "Balloonacy" for FREE to teachers!

Register here to bring your classroom to a FREE performance of "Balloonacy" at the MAC, super-accessible wordless physical comedy featuring Miss Noelle.

Sponsored Performances: March 18-20

...and that's it. For now. But it won't be for long. This stuff just keeps on coming, people!

I will edit this post as we add more bits and pieces. Find more from the MAC at www.artsmerced.org and from Phoenix at www.phoenixtherise.com.

Love you all, and look for more #artsmatter in the new year!

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