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Musikgarten Monday: Oh Yes You Can!

It's Musikgarten Monday again, y'all! Welcome back! And please don't mind the incredibly whackadoo face I'm making on the YouTube still. Rather, join me for a quick 5-minute Musikgarten chat, just you and me, about the importance of singing.

No time to watch? Read about it here!

So, we all know that children REPEAT. Whether you're singing in the schoolroom or swearing in the parking lot, children have a super great tendency to take what they want to hear and amplify it, say it more and louder and with even greater gusto.

Developmentally, this is an extremely important part of the growing-up process. So in an early childhood music class, why does it make sense to bring your child there and participate in activities...but not to sing?

Musikgarten is not about singing beautifully, or even about creating singers and musicians. Rather, a Musikgarten class emphasizes the joy of singing and music as a human experience and a ritual of connection, and also provides the neurobiological building blocks for assisting with language development, problem-solving, critical thinking and much, much more.

How do we do that in 30 minutes a week? We don't. It's impossible. But what we do is provide you (the parent/guardian/first and most important teacher) with the tools to be able to play these games, sing these songs, and participate in these activities yourself, at home, and on your child's cue. They will absolutely tell you and show you when they want to sing, and we absolutely want you to be able to sing with them when they're ready!

In order to be most prepared for the fun, playful, important work of being there for your child when they need you to be there, I ask you - no, I beg of you - to give up your preconceived notions of what it means to be "good at singing" and please, for the love of all things holy, join me in a song during class. I do not care if you are on pitch, or if your voice is pleasant, or if you are using your breath correctly; if you're interested in an assist in any of these things, I am happy to provide, but it's not what I'm looking for in class. I'll just be thrilled that you are helping me to make a joyful noise and doing the best thing you can for your child!

For more information on Musikgarten in Merced and why music is important for children's development, as well as to sign up for our next semester starting in October, please visit www.missnoellesmusik.org.

Enjoy your Monday! ~Miss Noelle

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