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Creativity Exercise Parts 1 & 2: Fun For the Entire Family!

Welcome back! The blog is rising from the dead, people! Everybody shout "hallelujah!"

Truth be told, Miss Noelle has been putting a LOT of content out since July, on social media mostly and via email. But she keeps forgetting to update the blog.

Multiple updates to come, I promise. But first:

The Five-Day Short-Term Creativity Project: PART ONE

During Part One, you are encouraged to write a short, one-sentence "entrance" of your character, as if in a novel. And by "your character," of course, I mean YOU. How would you get introduced into someone else's story? Assume that vague physical adjectives (heavy, bland, cute, good) are off-limits. What would you write?

Miss Noelle's Example: "Noelle is hiding a pocket full of crushed roses, given away by the aroma; sleeves of white paper cuddled precious like clean water in the crooks of her arms, she is always dropping little crumbs, petals dripping earthward like a handful of dropped stars."

After you write your own, consider: do you see, taste, hear, smell, or feel the most important words in this sentence? (Miss Noelle feels like she can see and maybe smell them.) Title this piece (Above: Alchemy) and then start pulling out your ingredients. (Above: crushed roses, shuffled white paper, clean water, dropped stars.)

Do you see those weird words, how they sort of go together but not? Those are the ways that you see you, and I don't care what you look like or how you carry yourself, or whether a single other soul on the planet agrees: self-identity has nothing at all to do with accuracy.

Ready to move on?

The Five-Day


Creativity Project: PART TWO

Start Part 2 by listing your ingredients under their title.


1. Dropped Stars

2. Clean Water

3. Crushed Roses

4. Shuffled White Paper

Now, these things could make a gorgeous visual art piece already; I see glitter, I see torn and cut and folded paper, I see thick swaths of paint and a lot of swirls...if you want to be done now, I would completely understand.

I'm not done, though.

Instead of thinking of these things as ingredients, try instead to think of them as a series of loose parts. Ingredients have a prescribed purpose (butter+sugar+flour = cake) but loose parts do not, and can be anything.

Your loose parts have something to say. Ask each of these loose parts two questions, and write down what they say.

Question 1: How did you get here?

Question 2: What are you here to do?

Miss Noelle's Example:

Dropped Stars- "I have always been falling, I know no other life, scattering hither and thither like dice hitting each other, like I need to simply settle but will never be able, and the slightest wind can blow me away. I am here to reflect the light around you back to you, dear; I am pure sparkle, a little bit of beauty, in the palm of your hand, truly attainable."

Do this with each of your ingredients: and then, if you're not too exhausted, give them each a human name.


1. Dropped Stars: Luna

2. Clean Water: Elyse

3. Crushed Roses: Gladys

4. Shuffled White Paper: Miss Rebecca Macintosh, Personal Assistant to the Company President

I'm an overachiever.

Join us tomorrow for more, and subscribe to the Miss Noelle's YouTube channel for Musikgarten Mondays, Wordsmith Wednesdays, Phoenix Phridays and more.

Be good, kids. ~Noelle


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