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Know Your Talent: "Action!" Makes Waves Due to Wacky Combination of Resources and Know-How

It's official, and has been for awhile: After the immense success of "What Rough Beast" in October, we begin "Action!," a 12-hour journey towards writing, producing and performing in your own short film on Tuesday, November 27th at the Multicultural Arts Center in Downtown Merced!

Rarely does a straight-up "acting for the camera" class result in your own short film, especially in a town that's not Los Angeles. But some very specific professional resources brought together by a passion for art and a commitment to the community can make magic happen!

In case you were wondering how to make a high-quality writing and acting for film class in a quick turnover, I have some simple tips for you:

1. Know someone who runs a classroom space and is willing to let you help fill them.

2. Know talented students itching for more vigorous programming.

3. Know talented teachers with specific skill sets. (Bonus points if one of them has a terminal degree in writing for performance and the other owns/operates a production company and has worked in film.)

4. Have a deep love for education administration and organization.

Let's be beyond clear, your average playwright is not capable of writing a play in six hours, much less facilitating students to write a screenplay, all together, in unison. And your average teaching artist would have a hard time making anything much more than a mess if they had nothing but spike tape, a camera, and a bunch of teenagers for a couple of hours a week. Fortunately, we are way more than average.

There's still time if you are interested in registering at https://phoenixnoelle.wufoo.com/forms/action-acting-on-camera-class-at-the-mac/, and thereby gaining access to the magic (and my weekly arts email). If you're not yet following the Phoenix Creative Collective, do so on Twitter, FB and IG, as well as at www.phoenixtherise.com.

See you lovely folks tomorrow. Let's go make some magic. <3

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