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Developing Professionally: Pigtails at Work

There are some very important issues to discuss today. Specifically:

1) I am offering some really cool professional development through MCOE, but

2) I am writing this blog post while wearing braided hair like an ever-lovin' first-grader.

Disclaimer: not actually my braids.

Professional development is an interesting thing to tackle when you're the person I am. I have more than enough experience to do exactly what I'm doing, but I have never had to fully develop as a "professional," per se. Professionals do not wear rompers and braids to an office, right? Professionals are stuffy and don't curse and have a "merge calendar" function on their emails.

Development, in this sense, means unpacking the sense that I am somehow unable to incorporate professional standards of work into my loosely structured view of life in general. I am developing an ability to code-switch; teachers speak differently than admin, who speak differently than sups, who speak differently than coordinators, who speak WAY differently than consultants. And all of that is different than chatting with a parent or a child. I am developing an ability to work plan and an ability to adapt and jump through all the hoops I now need to jump through to get that work plan done. I am developing a desire and ability to follow-up; I was always good at doing, but never great at following up. Now...now I follow up.

So ultimately, what does it matter? Braids keep the hair out of my eyes without the feeling of a stone on the top of my skull. My romper is comfortable and I'm wearing a cute sweater on top to increase the professional look. And people are signing up to join my professional development workshop, where I get to impart real-world knowledge that I've developed through trial after trial, lots of very hard work. I am a working arts professional, and this is my life.

And MAN is it a good one.

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