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The 5 B-log: Tanisha McClain's "Actually A Thing!"

The next time you log on, go ahead and subscribe to The 5 B-long, by Tanisha McClain. There may not be a ton of content yet, but Tanisha is a local treasure with a lot on her mind and a ton of content in her pocket.

The 5 B's of the B-log stand for topics such as blackness, being broke, being a bit basic, and being bougie on a budget, among other read-worthy topics. A poet, a chef, a performer and a force of nature, Tanisha has a unique voice and perspective that gets her noticed. She offers catering, meal-prep and baking services as well as assists with poetry nights at the best downtown coffee shop in Merced (Coffee Bandits!) and the occasional pop-up dining event. We've had great conversations and she's one of the smartest, most open, most creative people I know. And in my world of incredibly creative, open, intelligent people, that's saying something!

Tanisha's email is listed in the blog for the next time you need a vegan feast or a chocolate-lavender cake, and make sure you subscribe so she can keep you abreast of her many creative endeavors. I look forward to lots of homemade sugar scrubs for softer skin, cute handmade cake stands and lovely poetry which wrenches the heart and warms the soul!

Thanks for joining the blog-osphere, sweet mama!

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