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What Isn't Phoenix: The Rise (Not) Explained

If you attended the show on Wednesday, May 23rd at the MAC in Downtown Merced,

you saw what many have called stellar theatre, for free, in a pop-up style space which converted back to an empty room the next day, as if the group were never there.

In many ways, this exactly what Phoenix is all about. Individual experience, creative freedom, inspired micro-level creation and destruction.

This isn’t a story about what Phoenix IS, though, because it could go on literally forever. Instead, it might be easier to talk about what Phoenix ISN’T.

Phoenix ISN’T a theatre company. Many of our members have theatrical backgrounds and are dramatic by nature (see author for example) but Phoenix is not a theatre company.

Phoenix ISN’T a one-trick pony. There is no shortage of ideas and resources to back those ideas. It’s entirely about timing and bringing those ideas to a natural fruition: nothing is sillier than forcing the clock and eating unripened fruit.

Phoenix ISN’T a stab, a backdoor insult. This thing loves its neighbors. It believes that more artistic opportunity makes good artists stay. Its neighbors benefit when good artists stay.

Phoenix ISN’T exclusive. As the structure is revealed, the opportunities will become more clear. There is space for everyone. And if there isn’t space for you where Phoenix is now, then just remember that Phoenix ISN’T about keeping on a path of repetitive mistakes. If nothing else, there’s a long-lasting legacy to be had in burning it to the ground and starting over.

There is one thing that must be mentioned, of course, that Phoenix IS. And that is this:

Phoenix IS coming.

Email PhoenixCCMerced@gmail.com for more information.

Follow Phoenix: The Rise on Facebook and Instagram.

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