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Stretch. Savor. Sing. Repeat. (A Miss Noelle's Musikgarten Primer to Self-Love and Inner Peace.)

Since Friday, I have been (as a friend likes to say) fun-employed. This is beyond the pale for me: in 2007, when I gave my notice at the Conference and Visitor's Bureau and walked, fuming with rage, to Playhouse Merced to chat with old friends and vent my frustration, I was immediately met by a desperate AD who eagerly hired me to teach dance classes starting the very next day. That marks, to date, my longest stretch of unemployment as an adult.

I say fun-employment because I am definitely still working. Miss Noelle's Musikgarten has gone from a one-day-a-week, three-hour-a-day gig to something much larger and more overwhelming, but also far, far less stressful, since it isn't paired with an office job. I find myself spending more time thoughtfully composing lessons, creating deeply useful content, and pairing things which are "fun" with things that are "useful," and...

...it's sensational.

I am more deeply connected with my families than ever before, making sure to communicate needs and potential issues instead of losing them in the shuffle. I am moving slowly but deliberately, trying not to be the tremulous bird on a wire that I've been through my entire adult career, but the ballet dancer instead, graceful but hard-working, appearing light but feeling strong, grounded.

I am taking my time with my family, playing with my two-year-old (who loves music!) and connecting with my husband and numerous seemingly long-lost friends. I am reading to improve my knowledge and singing to improve my voice. I am working to hone my craft. I am smiling.

As a result, I am fully feeling like I am worth my money when it comes to classes that are only 30 minutes long. I have always provided good content, but it's hard to ask for what you're worth when you're keenly aware of how much more you're capable of producing.

I am deeply grateful for the families ready to invest in the music education of their students. I am thrilled that a smaller town like Merced can support with such enthusiasm an educational opportunity like Miss Noelle's Musikgarten. And I am so proud that parents trust me with their precious kids!

Join us (me and my hoop-eating mini-me, pictured below) on Tuesdays at 5:45 or 6:30, Thursdays at 10:30, 5:45 or 6:30, and Saturdays at 10am, 4pm and 5pm. We also have a Tuesday 10am and Wednesday 5:45 class, but I am happy to report that these classes are currently looking very full. I am blessed beyond measure!

Visit www.missnoellesmusik.org for class details.

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