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"Do You Even Corporate, Bro?": Lumiere Bisou Photography

Photo by Lumiere Bisou Photography

Every performer and self-promoter needs a good series of headshots; in my case, my selfies were no longer cutting it on the professional spectrum. I asked Kyle Snook of Lumiere Bisou Photography to give me some corporate shots that made me look playful and competent all at once, sort of like if a businesswoman subbed for kindergarten class. He showed up swinging for the outfield, with his wife (my good friend Sara) there to assist. And thank goodness, because nobody should have to put up with me screaming "DO YOU EVEN CORPORATE BRO?" at the top of my lungs alone.

Kyle took images of me and my son Elijah earlier in the year, and they so beautifully captured my little explorer's personality. Kyle has a keen eye for depth (physical and emotional), and these photos make me look very much like...well, like me. Am I the most attractive person on the planet? No, but I am proud of my genuine smile (which Sara drew from me with funny dances wisecracking) and I earned every last one of those eye wrinkles. I am dizzy with love for these photos and have nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience.

Click on the photo above to link directly to the Lumiere Bisou website. Thanks, Kyle and Sara, for corporate-ing with me!

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