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Anxiety and the Need for Speed: How to Still Your Mind in a Competitive Industry

Like about a zillion other people in this life of ours, I suffer from anxiety. This is made exponentially worse by a naturally competitive spirit; it's taken me a very long time to get to the point where being "the best" has been replaced by "being the best that I can be." I still occasionally go heavy-hearted over small obstacles to otherwise enormous success; it's all in whether or not I'm prepared for it, and how I choose to handle it in the moment. Oh, how I wish I could still the super large part of me which becomes infuriated by (*gasp!*) other people trying things. How dare they! Alas, though I am better every day, overcoming this issue is work in the weirdest way.

There are definitely a few successful strategies I've gained use of over my years in education, business and theatre arts. Let's bring 'em to the table.

1) Failure is an Asset to Success.

While it would be wonderful to just be prodigiously talented at everything you do, winning over and over again for the rest of your life, the truth of the matter is that we learn to be successful by failing repeatedly and badly until we don't anymore. In the moment, a failure may be devastating, but small negative experiences can add up to a wealth of worthwhile experience that is invaluable in terms of creating success.

2) Accept the Things You Cannot Change.

Other people are also talented, you know, and that's okay. Wouldn't the world be boring if only a single person was good at any one particular thing? Instead, it helps to celebrate that others have similar abilities, and to network with them for social and professional development if possible; after all, everything is an opportunity for learning!

3) "Nobody Alive is More You-er Than You."

Ah, the immortal words of Dr. Seuss! You may not be perfect, but you ARE unique, and you have a myriad of qualities not always found together in one individual. You are a knit together art piece of your prior experiences, your natural attributes and your drive for future success; if someone else is more fit for a position or contract, fine, but there IS a job out there for you! Don't forget the amazing things that you bring to the table for the correct position.

Meditate on these key facts to find some peace when your heart is racing or your anxious brain has taken over. Risks are obviously hard, but without them there would be no worthwhile reward.

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