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Creative Consulting for Arts & Education in Merced, California


Bio & Backstory

Miss Noelle is a performance artist, teacher, director, curriculum designer and arts education professional living in Merced, CA. She grew up in Maryland, graduated a CAPA scholar in the Theatre Department from UMCP in 2005 and promptly made her way to California, meeting her husband after a year and quickly deciding to never ever leave. She is deeply interested in supporting her friends all over the Central Valley and beyond in their theatre endeavors, as well as continue to grow in her own knowledge of arts, education and business and the benefits to all when they are connected and conscientiously applied.

Miss Noelle runs Miss Noelle's Musikgarten, a home-studio based music and creative movement program for students ages 0-5. She is an active member of many theatre and arts communities and works to support artists  and educators over a variety of platforms.

December 30, 2019

As 2020 creeps closer and closer, a few truths are making themselves more and more clear.

1. Miss Noelle, you are bad at updating your blog. (Yes. Correct. Sorry.)

2. Miss Noelle, you need a single place to store all the links for every upcoming project, so you can send...

September 23, 2019

It's Musikgarten Monday again, y'all! Welcome back! And please don't mind the incredibly whackadoo face I'm making on the YouTube still. Rather, join me for a quick 5-minute Musikgarten chat, just you and me, about the importance of singing. 

No time to watch? Read abou...

September 10, 2019

Welcome back! The blog is rising from the dead, people! Everybody shout "hallelujah!"

Truth be told, Miss Noelle has been putting a LOT of content out since July, on social media mostly and via email. But she keeps forgetting to update the blog.

Multiple updates to come,...

July 17, 2019

We all want to be perfect when it comes to social media. Even if you are not busy perfecting a "brand," the way that many of us are, you are still most certainly curating a life in the most semi-disingenuous of ways; posed photos, filters and gifs, color correction, or...